Lining up Liriope in Landscapes with Little Luck

06 Mar


Say that 10 times in a minute. In a previous post I talked about lining up low-level lighting and now I am moving on to Liriope. This must have been a popular plant in Greensboro several years back because older homes are infested with it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Liriope Muscari in moderation and placed in groupings rather than in a straight line. This plant is not worthly of being an edging plant in your landscape, trust me.

Landscaping in Greensboro, NC is a challenge because of our clay soil and Liriope will definately grow in those conditions. It is a small, compact plant with white or purple blooms in late summer. Some vaireties have a variegated leaf and no seroius pests both them. It is drought tolerate, prefers sun or shade and works nicely in perennial beds.

Please don’t line anything with these plants. They are very unsitely during the winter months and need to be sheared to remove the yellow/brown foliage of the season past.

If you have problems with steep slopes in your landscape, think about grouping some liriope in masses stabilizing the area. The roots systems are great for erosion control. Just take a drive along Bryan Blvd and you will see beautiful masses of plants. Large grouping have a much more dramatic effect in gardens. If you have a perennial bed or border, incorporate some liriope for a summer blooming plant. This is also a good selection to divide. You never have to purchase this plant because we all have if it. Dig up a clump at your neighbor’s and hack away dividing the plant in 3 or 4 new plants.

Lining your walkways with this plant only accentuates how long of a walk you have with little interest for the visitor. There are so many other plant choices so let’s keep the lined up plants for the more formal homes.

Happy Planting!

The Geeky Gardner

Diana Gardner-Williams


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One response to “Lining up Liriope in Landscapes with Little Luck

  1. kevin Bell

    July 5, 2012 at 5:53 am

    Thanks for your blog. Say, I’m an artist and would love to use your “juniper 001” as an element in a painting. Would you mind, and if it is OK, could you send me a higher resolution version of your image? If you would like to check out my work, I have some posted at Thanks!


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