Outdoor Low-Level Lighting or Airport Runway

05 Mar

Not only are residents of Greensboro, NC guilty of lining up low-level lighting as on airport runways, but those in other states as well. Born and raised in Buffalo, NY I have seen may runways in residential zones.

I won’t travel the streets of Greensboro to take photographs to embarrass anyone, but you know who you are. Low-level lights line the front walks as though visitors need every square inch illuminated. This would be true if your walkway is uneven or have steps. Haven’t seen to many walks like that so we will assume they are nice and flat without intermittent steps.

The idea behind low-level lighting is for function (as with lighting a walkway), subtlety, or highlighting focal points.

Mushroom lights refer to those that basically look like a mushroom. They are very limited with functionality and should never be placed in a runway style. If you are dead set on having them, try having more  space between them (there is no rule stating you have to use all of the lights provided) and if possible stagger on both sides of the walk.

If you have trees and most of us do, purchase a low-level accent light to attach on the truck several feet up. Wow, this has just eliminated the use of 3 mushroom lights, plus it’s softer and discreet.

Path lights are also another option. They come in so many styles, at least one will compliment your home. Unlike a mushroom light, the direction of the light cascades on the walkway, where it is needed. I love these light fixtures because they are considered accessories within the landscape and are just as important as the plants.

Pass this along to a gulity party because I have my camera with me at all times.

Happy Planting!

The Geeky Gardner

Diana Gardner-Williams


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