Ideas for Beautiful Outdoor Stone Patios in Greensboro

05 Mar


I Love Everything about Stone!! The variety of color, the different cuts (irregular or formal), the versatility, ease to work with, the longevity, and the breathtaking and natural beauty it provides. These are stones readily available in Greensboro, NC.


2 of my favorite types of stone to use in my landscape designs are Pennsylvania Bluestone and Tennessee Crab Orchard. These stone varieties do not chip or fall apart like other less dense stones. Landscape stone looks fantastic when used along with brick too.


Pennsylvania Bluestone is sometimes called “slate” and comes in gray, blue/green colors. If your home is maroon, gray, white, cream or green in color, this stone is for you. It is one of the flattest stones available, providing a great patio or walkway surface. Bluestone is an easy stone to work with too. You can purchase this stone in irregular form, cut into squares for a more formal look or tumbled for a softer edge. Just drooling thinking about all of this stone and all the wonderful outdoor focal pieces that can created from it. Patios, courtyards, walls, steps, water fountains, walkways and benches. Let your imagination run wild.



The other fantastic stone I use is Tennessee Crab Orchard. Don’t you just want to buy it based on the name alone? This beauty has creme, pink, mauve and brown stratification throughout. If your home is rusty, creme, beige, maroon or even chocolate, this stone is for you. This stone works great with brick homes too. Tennessee Crab Orchard also comes in different cuts.


 Chunky rectangular pieces can be used as risers on steps, retaining walls, benches, and fountains. They even makes great cap stones for brick seating walls.


Look at the rich colors!!


Anything stone in your landscapes can be softened with plants and these are called crevice plants. If you desire a mortared patio installing plant material is not an option for you. Obviously dry-laid stone patios are less expensive, can easily be removed/changed and have the option to use crevice plants to soften the stone. Some crevice plants even have blooms.

Greensboro, NC residents have other stone choices, but these are 2 of my favorites where your dollar goes the furthest.

Happy Planting!

The Geeky Gardner

Diana Gardner-Williams


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