Statues, Fountains and Art in Landscapes and Gardens

04 Mar

  focalpoint3-w.jpgStatuary, Garden Fountains, Art, and other pieces should be properly placed in gardens and landscapes to add beauty and visual points of interest. There is a correct way to install these treasures to avoid a cluttered and detached garden.

Without getting too technical, garden statues and art pieces should adhere to some principals and elements of good design. Most pieces are focal points or accents within the gardens. In other words, your eye is drawn to the most unique element of a garden first. This is called the focal point. The white pergola is the focal point and the angel statue serves as an accent. 2 flowering plum trees flank the pergola, highlighting the structure.


An accent piece is the secondary visual to compliment the focal statuary, fountain or pergola. In a relatively small area there should be only one focal point and possibly 2 or 3 accents.

For a better understanding, think about focal points within residential homes. Fireplaces, tabletop centerpieces or a painting on a wall could be focal points. These focal points do not stand alone, or shouldn’t and are usually complimented with accessories. The accessories used in the landscape and gardens are plants. The objective is to soften the art pieces, fountains and statuary by using plants to create a beautiful unity to the earth. Small boxwood plants surround this aged windmill focal point. A Bradford Pear allee leads you down the drive.


This will give your garden a more natural scenario. Plants are also used to draw your eye into the piece called an allee. This small allee was created with lavender.


Many people create an allee to highlight their homes by lining the drive with several trees of the same variety. I love this simple, yet prestigious look.

It won’t matter if you paid $1000 for your gorgeous water feature or statue if it is installed incorrectly by standing crooked. This common error spoils the most expensive landscape if your focal point looks like it was just thrown together in 5 minutes. You need a good solid base for your treasures. We in Greensboro, NC are prone to drought-like conditions where the ground dries up and shrinks the soil structure. This will cause your garden piece to sink and become cockeyed. Think about a concrete slap, compacted stone gravel or another hard material that will not give way to the weight of your breathtaking focal point.

Remember these tips for your garden art:

  • Provide a strong base
  • Use plants to visually connect your piece to the earth
  • Use plants to soften your piece at the base or cascading down its sides
  • Use plants to draw your eye by creating an allee
  • Create more drama by incorporating annuals with your focal point (In the Greensboro, NC area we have pansies in the winter and whatever our hearts desire for summer annuals)

Happy Planting!

The Geeky Gardner

Diana Gardner-Williams


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4 responses to “Statues, Fountains and Art in Landscapes and Gardens

  1. Bill Rakozy

    May 11, 2010 at 11:33 am

    My daughter and husband have built a unique, artistic item in their horticultural landscape which I would like to submit as a contest entry but I don’t know who to contact.

    Any suggestions?

    • Diana Gardner-Williams

      May 14, 2010 at 10:55 am

      Hello Bill

      I do not have a contest running at the moment, but I would love to see their creation. Can you send a picture?

      Thank you
      Diana Digs Dirt


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