Memory Garden Plants for Angels

24 Jan

CandytuftPlants with white flowers are a wonderful addition to memory gardens for a baby or pregnancy loss. Please visit “Pregnancy Loss Gardens Blooming White” on this blog for additional ideas. One plant highly recommended for your child’s memory garden is Candytuft or Iberis, the scientific name. You may want to check the zone chart making sure this plant will thrive in your area

Plants have more to offer than just the flowers. Candytuft is small in size with a mounded shape, feathery and soft appearance throughtout the year, has no insect or disease problems and is evergreen. It is exceptional in spring when the blooms emerge. 3 to 5 Candytuft plants in a group will create a beautiful display to be enjoyed from a distance. White daffodils 1 foot or greater in height can even be planted under the Candytuft plant creatinig a more dramatic display for you and your angel.

We planted several Candytuft plants around the perimeter of Tanner’s garden to create a soft edge between his garden and the grassy areas. This is a very affordable plant to purchase as a sympathy gift for families grieving pregnancy or baby loss. It can also be placed into a clay or concrete pot. For ideas on how to personalize outdoor containers please visit “Zodiac Signs  for Miscarriage and Pregnancy Losses” on this blog

Additional Memory Gardens ideas are found throughtout the blog and These suggestions are to help you and family members create memorial tributes honoring little angels gone too soon.

Peace Love and Hugs from Above


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