Stones and Monuments for your Memory Gardens

22 Jan

t-garden.jpgThe days following the death of a child, baby or pregnancy are filled with sadness, shock and anger. There are so many overwhelming decisions to make that have never been considered. How will your sweet angel be memorialized? Will we cremate her or have her buried? This decision can be lightened with the support of family and friends by your side.

When our son was stillborn, we asked a friend that was excellent at woodworking to construct a cross for Tanner, This beautiful, handmade cedar cross is where his ashes are placed within his memory garden.

If you are planning to designate a place for your child’s memory garden on your own property, you may want to select a beautiful monument or stone as a tribute.

memorial-rock.jpgMemorial stones and boulders can be found at If you have a more rustic and woodland garden, these stones will add to the beauty of your surroundings for you and your angel.


Garden stepping stones can be found at These stones can be incorporated into the garden with other stone pavers and planted with a small creeping plant, softening its edges. There are different sayings on the stones that are truly touching.


Infant and Pregnancy Loss Stone Memorials can be found at They will also customize granite, marble or bronze stones for you, creating a special tribute for your angel.

Memory garden tutorials are found here More memory garden ideas are located under the catagory “Comforting Memory Gardens” on the Just a Cloud Away “Love Talk” blog.

We can’t do anything to bring them back, but we can do everything to keep their memories alive.

Peace Love and Hugs from Above


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