Unique Memory Gardens for Heavenly Angels

04 Jan

Giving the gift of a memory garden to honor a child, infant or pregnancy loss can have therapeutic properties while comforting bereaved families of heavenly angels. The amount of love for a child that has died is unchanged; however, the future of the family has changed dramatically. Gardens can be designed reflecting a parent’s love, the deceased child’s personality and story or a beautiful place of peace for spiritual contemplation. Family and friends supporting bereaved families can take the initiative in the design or implementation of the deceased child’s memory garden. The finished gardens can offer comfort while memorializing a life unexpectedly cut short. Even if the grieving families do not have an outdoor plant bed; pots, containers, water fountains and statuary can be utilized for their memory gardens. This could be a place of peace where new traditions will begin sharing stories of their precious baby. To see other memory gardens please visit


The planning, construction and purchasing phases of their baby’s memory garden can provide parents a creative outlet for energy otherwise used to care for their living child, especially if there are no other children. The thought of creating a garden for their angel may be an overwhelming task without your help and support.  Family and friends can participate in the design and implementation of the garden, taking away some of the stress, manpower and funds needed.

If a professional landscape designer is desired, you may want to purchase the design to identify plants and other materials needed for easy installation. Memory garden books or memory garden tutorials may also be purchased for helpful ideas and suggestions. Installing the wrong plant material may result in the death of a plant. A memory garden is not a garden for incorrect plants to be used with little or no chance of survival. This is why memory gardens cannot be designed solely on the definition of plant names.

If the bereaved parents have suffered a miscarriage, selective reduction, ectopic pregnancy or an early pregnancy loss never knowing the baby’s gender, incorporate neutral colors of green, yellow and white. Please view article “Pregnancy Loss Memory Gardens Blooming White” on this blog a beautiful moon lit memory garden. The yellow blooms on black-eyed susans, primulas, yarrow, daylily, coreopsis, sedum, goldenrod and mums are good perennial choices. Shrubs having beautiful yellow blooms are; potentilla, santolina, roses, kerria, azalea and forsythia. Trees having yellow or cream blooms are; magnolia, golden chain, stewartia, golden rain, and japanese tree lilac. A few lovely plants with green flowers or foliage to try are; helleborus foetidus, hosta, liriope, sedum, creeping jenny, hen and chicks, euphorbia, tulip, daffodil, roses,  honey locust tree, buckeye tree, and yellow poplar tree.

The positive pregnancy test of grieving parents can determine the approximate due date. This information can provide the baby’s zodiac sign and symbol, gemstone, element and personality trait. Please view article “Zodiac Signs for Miscarriage and Pregnancy Losses” on this blog.

This information can be utilized in creating their child’s memory garden. If there is only enough space for a container garden, purchase stencils or make your own to spray paint these elements on stepping stones, pots or other outdoor containers holding plant material. Personalize containers, birdfeeders, wind chimes and other garden art to reflect their child’s essence.

If the deceased child was a little boy or girl, many beautiful plants with flower or leaf color will appeal to either gender. Other factors to consider are berry color and the leaf color in autumn. To add wonderful contrast in a little girl’s garden include a mix of plants with burgundy foliage and plants blooming pink. Memory gardens for little boys could have a mix of blue flowering plants and plants with gray and silver foliage. If the memory garden is to be used to engage your sense of touch, installing plants with soft, fuzzy textures will soothe fingers and toes.

A memory garden for a baby girl could include plants with pink blooms on tree, shrubs, perennials, annuals or bulbs. A few annuals and bulbs are; periwinkle, impatiens, petunias, fuchsia, begonias, crocus, tulips and dahlias. Perennials with pink blooms are found on; creeping phlox, ice plant, gaura, helleborus, peony, iris, dianthus, and anemone.  Shrubs for a little girl could include; camellia, hibiscus, roses, abelia, lilac, butterfly bush, hydrangea and indian hawthorne. A few trees with an explosion of pink blooms are; cherry, crabapple, plum, dogwood, mimosa, crape myrtle and eastern redbud. Plants having burgundy foliage to add beautiful contrast with pink blooming plants are; loropetalum, heuchera, ajuga, grasses, cleyera, ‘Forest Pansy” Redbud tree and purple smoketree, and barberry.

A memory garden for a little boy could include a variety of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals or bulbs that offer blue flower, foliage or berry colors. Annuals and bulbs offering blue blooms include; muscari, hyacinth, anemone, scilla, lobelia, petunia, viola, ageratum, salvia, and torenia. Perennials with blue blooms or foliage are found on; globe thistle, “Johnson’s Blue” geranium, salvia, columbine, aster, pulmonaria, blue fescue, “Blue Angel” or “Blue Moon” hosta, “Heavenly Blue” lithodora, lavender, gentiana, campanula, iris, delphiniums, and russian sage. Shrubs for a little boy’s garden could include; hydrangea, “Blue Bird” hibiscus, blue spirea, leatherleaf mahonia, blueberry shrubs, and butterfly bush. Plants having silver or gray foliage to add beautiful contrast with plants bearing blue flowers are; woolly thyme, silver artemisia, dusty miller, lamb’s ear, rose champion, and snow in summer.

Mazus, lamb’s ear, woolly thyme and creeping sedum are interesting to the touch for fingers and toes. Some of these plants can tolerate light foot traffic and planted between stone and brick pavers for a softer look. Creeping sedum was used in Tanner’s garden


Here is a link to a website providing wonderful pictures and descriptions of plant material you may want to include in your baby’s memory garden

My son’s garden was a place for my husband and me to design and build for our baby that was only here but a brief time. A beautiful celebration to dedicate his garden took place after completion. We decorate accordingly for the holidays and fly balloons for his birthday. Sweet little Tanner’s ashes are at the base of the cross, butterfly ornaments and angel statuary placed within the blooms of the flowers. My living son and me visit often to pull weeds, prune, water and think about him. It’s not just a garden; it has a title, Tanner’s Garden.

Peace Love and Hugs from Above


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